Thursday, June 16, 2005

Commercial Break

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Anonymous Hannah said...


Thanks for stopping by our blog. The adventures of the Green Frog have been cracking me up. I was kind of jealous of his presence at the U2 concert. Hope to see you at our blog again!

16 June, 2005 03:29  
Anonymous Andrew said...

This is funny. It reminds me of the gnome from the movie Amelie!

16 June, 2005 04:18  
Anonymous Jaeda said...

Hi frog how are you today I have a few more geustions to ask you Do you go to school? Do you have any friends? and one more thing where do you get you picturs from and how do you get them on the internet i should say how do you get them on you blog well gtg
your friend Jaeda Reimer

18 June, 2005 00:38  

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