Monday, September 19, 2005

Homesick Blues

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love your blog!

I've bookmarked it and told my blogger freak friends about it. It's intelligent, funny and refreshingly honest. Keep Up The Good Work!

For any of your readers who want to help the thousands of families devastated by Katrina, there is a link to the Red Cross at thissite.


19 September, 2005 07:24  
Blogger lily* said...


i love your blog too. it's been bookmarked by some odd months now and i'm not sure if i told you before, but i love your frog!

' lily

19 September, 2005 08:28  
Blogger Frog said...

Thx Lily!

19 September, 2005 16:45  
Blogger Monkey said...

Awww... poor Frog is homesick for Brussels. Get some cuddles from your humans Frog. It works for me. Even when they roll over in the night and crush me.

19 September, 2005 20:55  

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