Thursday, October 06, 2005

Frog @ the Atomium in Brussels

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Blogger GrandPooOfAwesome said...

That is an awesome picture frog! You've outdone yourself. :)

06 October, 2005 12:42  
Blogger Billy said...

That's an awesome picture. That building is just wild looking.

06 October, 2005 17:19  
Blogger Monkey said...

High Tech Frog! Wow.

06 October, 2005 17:42  
Blogger Frog said...

The Atomium is a symbol of the atom concept, because it represents a crystal mollecule of metal.

The Atomium is 334.6. ft. high ; the spheres have a diameter of 59.0 ft. It still is one of Brussels most famous monuments.

It was build for the world expo in 1958 and it's been renovated just now. It will re-open on Valentines Day.

Its creator Mr. A. Waterkeyn died last tuesday october 4th. Let this be a tribute to him.

More info :

06 October, 2005 17:49  
Blogger miss kendra said...

very fancy, frog!

06 October, 2005 18:05  
Blogger Monica said...

Very shiny.

07 October, 2005 00:36  

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