Friday, October 14, 2005

"Le Cirio" - my favorite hangout in Brussels

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Blogger Monkey said...

Frog, the waiter, or maitre d' is watching you closely. I would eat with one eye open, if you know what I mean.

14 October, 2005 01:48  
Blogger Monica said...

Ha, good eyes, Monkey, I was thinking the same thing. Stay off the menu, Frog.

14 October, 2005 17:13  
Blogger Lex said...

What did you eat?

Actually last night on the news they showed some pharmacies from Brussels. Now I can't remember what it was all about but during the segment I kept wondering if your little head would appear:)

15 October, 2005 14:42  
Blogger Frog said...

That's funny Lex, and who knows, I might pop-up everywhere ;)

Btw: I didn't eat, I only drunk some fine Belgian Beers...

15 October, 2005 15:56  
Blogger Lex said...


Your not supposed to drink

16 October, 2005 05:24  

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