Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blonde on Blonde

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Blogger Rhonda Elizabeth said...

Beer ...? Ale ... ? Wine ...?

Doesn't matter, just make sure you have a designated driver. :)

02 November, 2005 01:43  
Blogger Monica said...

Frog, I had no idea you were a blond?

02 November, 2005 02:01  
Blogger Frog said...

Not Me, Mo, the beer!!

02 November, 2005 02:02  
Blogger Lex said...

That stuff is good, had it here a few times.

It's gotta be ice cold though.

02 November, 2005 02:19  
Blogger Monkey said...

I saw this, and for some reason that Duran Duran song entered my head: "Girls on film!"

I need reprogramming.

02 November, 2005 03:10  
Blogger captain_howdy_girl said...

it took me a sec but that's a dylan thing isn't it frogman?

02 November, 2005 07:00  
Blogger Frog said...

Yeah, Lex... PenguinCold... :)

LOL Monkey!

You know you're classics Cpt HG!!
One of the best ever made...

02 November, 2005 12:11  
Blogger miss kendra said...

that's a hot threesome!

02 November, 2005 18:02  
Blogger miss kendra said...

i would love to!

send me (email is on my site, below my profile) the measurements for width and length, as well as an address and any color preferences, and i will get right on it!

i might make several. you could have "day of the week" scarves.

02 November, 2005 21:48  

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