Friday, December 16, 2005

Night Out in Brussels

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Blogger Lex said...

Is it not past your bedtime?

16 December, 2005 02:32  
Blogger Monkey said...

Frog, that is lovely. Is it getting chilly wear you are? Shouldn't you be wearing a hat?

16 December, 2005 05:05  
Blogger marc said...

and in a few seconds, the neon light will flash the classic coca-cola logo over anspachlaan...

for a cold-blooded amphibian, you need a pull-over! i have an extra one, what's your size? croak!

16 December, 2005 08:30  
Blogger Frog said...

You know the place, Marc.
My size is X Small/Color: Green

17 December, 2005 00:45  
Blogger Cecilia said...

Froggy! You were just in my neighborhood that evening. I live in front of that building with the coca cola sign.

Had a nice night out?!

18 December, 2005 10:42  
Blogger Frog said...

Nice to meet you Cecilia!
Sure, i love my city. My favorite hangout is 'Le Cirio' :)

18 December, 2005 11:18  
Blogger Cecilia said...

Frog: I'll ask Marc to come with me one time to hang out there. We'll keep our eyes peeled for the green creature! ;) You've got some stalkers, erm, fans out here in your hometown!

18 December, 2005 12:15  

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