Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rainy Days in Belgium



Blogger Lex said...

I'll take rain over snow.

You like the rain though, don't you?

08 December, 2005 01:57  
Blogger Kate said...

It seems to rain often there. Is that true?

08 December, 2005 02:52  
Blogger Kate said...

Or should I say is that fair to say?

08 December, 2005 02:53  
Anonymous G-Man said...

What city is froggy from?

08 December, 2005 04:24  
Blogger Frog said...

I'm a frog from Brussels, Belgium.
And yes... It's a rainy country.

08 December, 2005 07:30  
Blogger captain_howdy_girl said...

i like the rain, good from froggies too

08 December, 2005 08:01  

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