Monday, December 19, 2005

Watching the wheels go 'round and 'round



Blogger dreaming-neko said...

boy... frog sure does get around!

blog hoppin from clearcandy.
happy holidays!

19 December, 2005 01:11  
Blogger Cecilia said...

Did the merry-go-round put you to dizzying spells thereby making you greener?

Looked like you had a good time out there. What a way to spend your Sunday...carefree..

Dreaming-neko: Thanks for stopping by here at my fave mascot's place! :)

19 December, 2005 07:18  
Blogger Lex said...


19 December, 2005 19:00  
Blogger todd said...

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19 December, 2005 20:32  
Anonymous Miss Marmelstein said...

Whaw, dat is lang geleden dat ik nog op zo'n draaimolen ben gekropen. Misschien moet ik dit wel eens dringend doen... heimwee.

19 December, 2005 23:37  
Blogger captain_howdy_girl said...

I really love to watch them roll

20 December, 2005 10:34  

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